Asking 7$per Hamster. Hamsters were born 4 weeks ago. Must bring your own pet carrier (why I'm selling cheap)All know how to use the wheel already, and love to run. They eat solid dry food.I don't know which are male or female but I think I have a couple female and several males. Super cute and friendly, can be handled already and do not bite. They run fast so small children is not advices unti...
Everything you need for a small hamster. All in picture included
Maggie and Holly are 2 bonded New Zealand sisters. They love to play and love all foods that are nice for rabbits. Holly s fur is just a tad softer. They were born in November 2014. They are happy girls who need to be adopted together. They are learning to use their litter box. When you hold them up by your shoulder 1 like to give little nips. If you are interested in any of our rabbits contact...
Beauty is a real beauty. She loves to eat her food and play. She is pretty easy to handle. Go on our web siteand fill out the application. Check with us before you buy a cage or other housing. We carry supplies here. We carry fresh Timothy hay for le...
Polly is a very nice girl and she does not mind being held. She is very friendly. She also likes her Timothy pellets and Timothy hay. Veggies are nice too. We have an application on our website.www.secondchancebunnies.com Please check with us before... see more at Petfinder
He is a very big boy and loves his head petted. His litter box habit are pretty great. All our rabbits have to be indoor rabbits....
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